Don't get sun burn in Tenerife

Hasn’t the weather been weird? I remember having the kids in the car last year and driving up towards Granadilla de Abona. We were all gasping for breath because of the sun beating down on the car and the heat radiating back up from the road and that was in mid-June. Well it may have taken a bit longer to arrive this year but the sun is now back where it belongs, minus those pesky clouds so whatever you plan to be doing in Tenerife this summer if you are doing it out of doors remember to slap on the suncream and pack a bottle of water.

Having read an earlier post called Sun Cream or Sun Scream , Kimberlie  of The Skin Sanctuary sent the following tanning advice which should help you not to look like a lobster by keeping your skin protected but at the safe time promote a healthy and long-lasting tan.

Half the appeal of hotter climates like Tenerife is the beautiful weather and that hot summer sun and despite knowing all the risks we still want to get that golden sun kissed glow especially if we’re just on holiday and have to head back to the cloudy UK, there are several things we can do to make sure our skin stays as well protected and healthy as possible.

The most obvious is going to be to always wear sun cream, even if you want to tan and even if it’s looking cloudy and overcast. You will still tan with sun tan cream on; you’ll just tan more gradually and give your skin a better chance at repairing the damage you do to it. Even if it’s looking cloudy and overcast you still need protection the Tenerife sun is stronger and more intense and the sun’s harmful UV rays can still penetrate the cloud a lot easier than it can in the UK

Once you’ve got your tan stop. You don’t need to keep topping it up or hoping that the darker you get the longer it will last. Make sure you’re drinking lots of water which is not only essential for the body but it keeps your skin flushed and hydrated too.

If you want to keep you tan for as long as possible, re-evaluate your skin care products. Swap your usual exfoliator for a moisturising body wash so you’re hydrating your skin rather than encouraging the dead skin cells to shed. Ladies, if you want to keep your pins looking as sleek and smooth as possible try ditching your normal razor for an electric one that plucks the hairs rather than skimming over the top of the skin. Once you get out the shower pat your skin dry rather than rubbing as your skin is more sensitive after it’s been washed and a gentle pat down will  keep your tan topped up for longer.

Don’t forget to moisturise, the more hydrated you can keep your skin the longer that tan is going to hang around for. If it starts to fade choose a  moisturiser with an added tint as these products often work better on already tanned skin. If you’re going out in the evening try gently brushing some shimmering body dust over any exposed arms and legs and lightly on your check bones to highlight your tan.

Thanks to Kimberlie and The Skin Sanctuary for the great advice. Check out their website for all your skin care products including a lovely SPF15 all day moisturiser which you really should not be without while in Tenerife.