Tenerife Holidays

Tenerife holidays can be as relaxing or as adventure packed as you would like to make them.  There are accommodation options to suit every budget and choices that suit single travellers, honeymooners or large families who want to stay together in a private villa.

Once blighted with the reputation of being nothing more than a cheap destination for chavvy stag parties, the tourist board has worked hard to highlight Tenerife’s unique charms of which there are many.

For those looking to relax there are natural and man-made beaches, some with beds and umbrellas to hire. The more adventurous will find coastal walks rewarded with coves and inlets in which to relax with a little less company from other tourists.

But not everyone wants to laze by the pool every day so for the more active or adventurous, there is hang gliding, windsurfing rafting bike, horse riding, golfing, rock climbing, hiking … and that is all in the daytime.

At night, Tenerife takes on another personality altogether. There are restaurants to suit every palette and every kind of pub and club you can imagine.

Explore Anaga Natural Park

Explore Anaga Natural Park If you enjoy driving and have had enough of the sunny south of Tenerife, then why not hire a car and take yourself on an adventure into the greener north of the island to explore Anaga Natural Park.  It is easily accessible by following the...

Tenerife Tourist Scams – Don’t Be Bullied!

Tourist Scam - Bullied into Buying   As a tourist in Tenerife, your chances of getting ripped off on a camera or electronic purchase, especially in Los Cristianos, Las Americas and Adeje are high. Although there are some reputable shops to buy quality electronics at a...