Relax! You’re on Tenerife time now. Everything takes the time it takes. Island life is slower, gentler, and all you have to do is enjoy it.

Tenerife’s microclimate pockets measn that while the island is generally temperate and pleasant year round, the north tends to be cooler, damper and more lush than the sunny and dry south.

“The first time I visited Tenerife, I landed in the middle of summer, at the airport in the south. Having just arrived from Asia, where everything is so green and lush, the dry scrubland looked like the surface of the moon. “

“If what you want is beach and night life, the southern resorts of Los Cristianos and Las Americas have that in spades. But for spectacular scenery and a more cultural experience, head to the national parks, towns and villages in the north.”

church steeple tenerife
Flowering aloe along the coast of Tenerife
Tenerife highlands
cool drink on a sunny Tenerife afternoon

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