Tacao – Tenerife’s Own Craft Beer

Wherever I have wandered in the world, the best local beers were usually set up by German brewers. Take China’s TsingTao beer, for example. The very first pint of TsingTao was poured in 1904 and was the pride and joy of German Brewmasters, Wehle and Schuster.

In the Phillippines, the San Miguel beer may take its name from the San Miguel brewery in Barcelona, but it owes much of its success to German Brewmaster Ludwig Keine.

Inspired by a 1989 visit to Berlin after the fall of the wall, the founding team of Tacoa, opened their craft brewery in El Sauzal in 2001.

Tacoa beers are made from 100% natural ingredients using a traditional and artisanal process.

No additives such as injected gas, antioxidants or chemical stabilizers are used, not filtering or pasteurization processes.

Tacoa Beers


Tacoa offers several beers each with their own unique character. Their most popular is TACOA IPA, the initials standing for India Pale Ale. This, they say, is hoppy with floral and citric aromas.

There is a Golden Ale, and Porter, a deep black beer, as well as a Pale Ale and the low alcohol Surf Beer.

You will taste floral honey notes in locally named Tajinaste and El Teide beers.

If that sounds good to you then the best place to sample Tacoa’s beers for yourself is at their factory in El Sauzal.  Here you can enjoy beer and homemade and German dishes designed to go perfectly with the brewed beers.


Carretera General del Norte 122
38360 El Sauzal

(+34) 922 564 173