Newcomers are often at a loss of where to find cheap, long-term accommodation in Tenerife.  Even the B & B’s charge an exorbitant amount for a single room if you look at the charges over a month. Flat sharing is always a good idea when you are looking to save on rent but the question is, where do you hear about flat share offers?

Generally, the Cultural Centre notice boards are  the place to look although you don’t have to bother today because this one in Playa San Juan would be hard to beat:

Double bedroom with own bathroom in Playa San Juan for only €200 per month.

  • 2 minutes walk to the beach
  • big roof terrace where you can see the sea
  • Frequent buses to all areas eg: 25 minutes to Playa de las Americas, 10 minutes to Los Gigantes.
  • Playa San Juan itself is a good location. Plenty of restaurants and bars, internet cafes and two beaches…
This is a great deal for the money and will especially suit those that are working nights or in the entertainment business as the other tenants are night owls.The cost includes electricity and gas bills so no extra to pay. You will be asked for a deposit and if you want to fit in with the other tenants you’ll whip out the hoover now and then and clean up your own dishes. 😉