Searching for property in Tenerife is easy. Just go onto Google and type in “Tenerife property search” and you’ll find dozens of websites and real estate agents offering a huge range of villas, apartments, fincas, bungalows, commercials (shops/offices) and land.

Buying here is slightly different from the UK and can be a bit daunting at first. However, all the agents speak English (many of them are English!) and they can help make your property search and purchase as easy as possible.

Tenerife, the largest of the seven Canary Islands, is located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the west coast of Africa. It has a perfect climate, all year round, with most of the sunshine, the least clouds and highest temperatures in the coastal areas.

There’s two airports on the island – Los Rodeos (Tenerife Norte) and Reina Sofia Airport (Tenerife Sur).

The southern airport is located near the metropolitan area Santa Cruz-La Laguna and has flights to and from many national and European airports. The larger airport (Aeropuerto Reina Sofía) is the busiest on the island and the 7th busiest in Spain. This is where most of the regular/charter flights, fly to and from. Being an island, no matter where you are, you are never far away from either airport.

Tenerife is well equipped with a modern schooling system as well as top-class medical facilities.

In terms of schools, you have two options; private (fee paying) or state schools. There are several private schools in Tenerife, where children are taught through Spanish, English or German. State schools, on the other hand, are free and offer a wholly Spanish education.

In private schools, there is usually three terms per academic year and fees are normally paid at the beginning of a term. For state schools, parents traditionally need Residencias, along with other documents such as; birth certs; school reports; medical cards and passports etc. Requirements have eased considerably with the rapid changes made within the EU. It’s best to contact the school in advance to determine exactly what they need.

Like mainland Spain, Tenerife offers the same standard of medical care you’d find back in the UK. Here is a good page of information on Medical Centres in Tenerife

If you decide to invest here, in any kind of property, be it a villa, bungalow, finca, luxury apartment or even a plot of land, you’ll have to pay at least a 10% deposit if it’s a resale property. If you’re buying a new property direct from the builder the deposit starts at 25% of the full purchase price.

In order to open a bank account on Tenerife, you’ll need an NIE (National Identity) Number, which can easily be obtained from the local police station. Small queues can’t be guaranteed though – this is still Spain, after all!

Go online, speak to an agent or to anyone who’s made the move. There’s plenty of people who can help you with your search for property in Tenerife.