Covid-19 Self-Employed Losses in Spain

After a rise in self-employed (autonomo) workers in Spain of 31,937 in the first half of 2019, Covid-19 lockdowns have resulted in a loss of 23,836 self-employed workers, 0.7% decrease, from 3,269 million from December 2019 to 3,245 from June 2020. This is despite various government aid launched by the Government, such as the extraordinary benefit, and a number of guarantees to sustain their liquidity.

The ATA (Asociación de Trabajadores Autónomos) recorded a larger loss of self-employed women. At the end of June there were 13,491 fewer self-employed women than at the end of 2019, while 10,345 men were lost. In percentage terms, this means that the drop among women was 1.1%, compared to the 0.5% drop for men.

According to Lorenzo Amor, president of the ATA, the loss of self-employed workers is set to continue through 2020. “Everything indicates that a strong loss of freelancers will begin in July and we have a very hard autumn ahead of us.”