I have lived in the same house in Tenerife for ten years now. Every so often I take an inkling to move to a finca or find a bargain Tenerife property with a great garden or an extra bedroom. I spend the next few days sighing over all the great Tenerife properties that I can’t afford until I finally admit defeat and settle back to normal.

Even when I don’t have the itchy-footed urge to up sticks and move to Adeje or Puerto de la Cruz, I like browsing Tenerife property for sale. There are some fabulous villas and rural properties available, none of which I am likely to ever see the inside of, never mind own the keys to. Even so, I have discovered a website which makes the impossible seem that much more possible.

Specialising in repossessed property, Tenerife Estate Agents has got some incredible deals on its books. As owner Andy Ward told me recently, “Some of the repos are in terrible condition. Not everyone wants to have to do so much work on the property they are looking to buy.”

That is very true of course, but for those who are handy and can take on a renovation job, what a great opportunity!

I remember some years ago, a repossessed property in one of the nicest complexes in Costa Del Silencio was snapped up by a Spanish accountant at an incredibly low price. I was quite new to Tenerife then and I asked how he had found the property to buy. There never seemed to be any repossessions advertised in the local English language papers at that time.

I was told that the lists of those properties that had been taken over by the banks and were to be put up for sale at vastly reduced prices were only available to ‘those in the know’. In other words if you were not related to the bank manager’s wife, forget it.

Well, thanks to the Tenerife Estate Agents website now anyone can view which repossessed properties are currently for sale in Tenerife. Many of the properties also have a 100% mortgage attached to them which is something that had been getting harder to find.

Incidentally not all properties on the site have been repossessed and Andy tends to reserve the webpages for those properties which are in a good condition. For the fixer-uppers, you should contact him directly through the web contact form.

The Tenerife Property Guide is another good hunting ground for Tenerife Property. As it collates all the latest listings from Tenerife’s top estate agents, it has what I am sure is the biggest database of up-to-date property listings available on the island.