Go Karting in Tenerife at Karting Club Tenerife

Go Karting in Tenerife at Karting Club Tenerife

There are so many things to do in Tenerife that some great activities slip under the radar. If your holiday group includes a few adrenalin junkies then Go Karting might be just the ticket.

The Karting Club Tenerife is in the South not far past the fishing village of Las Galletas so a seafood lunch or sunset sundowners on the promenade would be a nice way to round off the day after whizzing round the karting track.

The Great Tenerife Ice Rink Stink

Okay, so it was the little guy’s birthday yesterday. Instead of throwing Sami a birthday party we decided to take him ice-skating at the temporary rink in Santa Cruz. Him and his sister were thrilled at the idea so after opening pressies and having some breakfast birthday cake, we set off on the bus to Santa Cruz.

(Just as an aside, I want to remind visitors to Tenerife that there are discount tickets available for the TITSA bus service called Bono Cards. If you are going to be getting around by guagua, pick one up (€12 or €30) from the main bus stations or tour office near your hotel. With the Bono card discount we were charged €4.70 per person for a single journey (a child is charged as an adult after the age of 4) so there and back we were be looking at almost €40 already.

On arriving at Santa Cruz we walked from the bus station to the Plaza de España where a shabby white tent and a couple of beat- up looking offices told us we had found the ice rink. The price for a shot on the rink is very good indeed; €5 per adult per hour and €4 per child per hour. I would be happy to pay that for half the time (especially as I am the accompanying adult and I suspect the thrill of freezing my tail off going round in circles in the Pista de Hielo will begin to pale after about, oh, ten minutes or so).

So we queued along with the other families. The birthday boy was hopping from foot to foot in excitement saying, “I can’t believe I’m going ice-skating. On ice!” Then the other families began to step out of the queue looking a bit disgruntled. I figured there was no space at that moment but decided I’d go ahead and book us in for later in the day. Unfortunately, when I reached the caja the girl inside shrugged and said the rink was fully booked for the whole day.

What? It was only about 11.20 am by that time. “But we’ve come all the way up from the South on the bus…” I wanted to say, “It’s his birthday!” As if that was going to make any difference. In the end I booked us in for Sunday and we just took the kids for a Happy Meal and a wander round Santa Cruz.

So there you go. If you fancy hopping on the bus to go ice-skating in Santa Cruz – don’t bother! Not unless you’ve got tickets booked for days in advance. For what it is worth ticket sales for the Pista De Hielo de Tenerife are by LetsGoTickets.es. They do have a website and it looks like you should be able to book online.

I’ve no doubt we’ll have a great time on Sunday and the kids start school again the next day so it is a nice way to finish off their holidays. The price per hour is very cheap indeed and ice-skating is such a novelty here that I can see why it would be so popular. It’s just such a shame that there was no public information about booking in advance or the ticketing website. That would have saved us a wasted journey and a my wee boy from a birthday disappointment.

Tenerife Entertainers – Crazy After all these Years

One of the things that keeps tourists coming back to Tenerife is the high quality of entertainment on the island. I am not talking about the thrill of barreling down the Tower of Power at Siam Park kind of entertainment either. I mean the singers, comediennes, dj’s, bands, dancers and emcees that get up every night to strut their stuff and get Tenerife’s bars and clubs rocking to the rafters every single night of the year.

But while they are singing their hearts out along with Suzy Q or Simply Mo or laughing their socks off at a Showtime Comedy Club event do you think the holiday makers realise how much these brave souls sacrifice for their art.

It’s not  their poor feet, red raw from all that stomping the boards or their throats, sore and tender after hitting all the high notes all night long. I am not even talking about their painful hands, swollen and bruised from clapping wildly to the beat to encourage a barload of numpties to get in the spirit.

No, I ‘m talking about something much more serious that these selfless souls, Tenerife’s peerless entertainers, willingly sacrifice in the name of entertaining the troops of tourists that visit Tenerife year after year – their sanity!

You though it was all bright lights and adoring fans didn’t you? Probably think I am exaggerating. Well, just to prove my point consider this true tale of a particular Scottish entertainer – who shall remain nameless (for the moment).

No Sunday Strimming

One fine Tenerife morning, a UK resident was pottering about on his patio when he heard the most godawful commotion. ‘Help ma Boab’, he thought, for he too was of fine Caledonian stock, ‘There’s murder afoot!’

Bravely setting out to investigate, he came across a Tenerife emcee attacking the gardener and preparing to throttle him with the extension cord of the lawn strimmer.

‘There’s a law against it!’ shouted the crazed emcee. ‘It’s not allowed!’

‘Here, here,’ said the resident rescuing the terrified gardner who promptly grabbed his strimmer and ran for the hills, ‘Whit’s all this aboot?’

‘Two hoors sleep!’, screamed the entertainer. ‘I’m just home, get ma claes aff, put mah heid doon on the effin’ bloody pillow, close mah eyes and ahm drifting aff and then this bloody bugger sets up with his effin stimmer. Its not allowed on a Sunday – any other bloody day. But not a SUNDAY!’

‘Aye well’, said the resident, patting the emcee gently. ‘That’s all well and good, but today’s Tuesday.’

Let me know if anyone needs a translation. 😉

The picture by the way is of excellent Canarian reggae band Pachumba. Catch them if you can, they’re brilliant.

Tenerife Rafting Bike – Snap Discount 25% – Book Now!

One of  the best things to do on Tenerife is the Rafting Bike tour. Quite honestly, freewheeling down the mountain from the lip of the caldera is the most fun I have had with my clothes on for years! (It’s probably just as much fun with your clothes off come to think of it and I bet head honcho, Mauricio woud not mind if you wanted to put that to the test.)

Normally a Rafting Bike tour will cost €40 per person but  next Tuesday, there are a few spots on offer at a 25% discount – only through eTenerife.

The discount is available only for Tuesday the 28th  September. You will be saving €10 per person so that makes a huge difference to family groups. There are ten spots going so email me at RAFTING BIKE OFFER now to jump on yours!

Here’s a little reminder of what Rafting Bike is all about. 🙂 (No cracks about fat-bottomed girls, if you don’t mind!)

A Taste of Tenerife – Tenerife’s Own Beer Brewery

A Taste of Tenerife – Tenerife’s Own Beer Brewery

Wherever I have wandered in the world, the best local beers were usually set up by German brewers. Take China’s TsingTao beer, for example. The very first pint of TsingTao was poured in 1904 and was the pride and joy of German Brewmasters, Wehle and Schuster.

In the Phillippines, the San Miguel beer may take it’s name from the San Miguel brewery in Barcelona, but it owes much of its success to German Brewmaster Ludwig Keine.

Now, in Tenerife, the Germans have lent their beermaking expertise to the creation of six new beers including one which gives a nod to Tenerife’s banana plantations.

Unfortuantely I do not know the name of the German Brewmaster at the Tacoa Cerveceria but I am sure he is owned a big round of applause for introducing the art of German beer-making to Tenerife.

Taco Clara: a blonde Pilsen Taco Copper: copper color, very soft

Taco Black: a strong black beer, flavored with malt alcohol

Tacoa-Wheat: wheat beer with a hint of banana

Tacoa-Light: a low alcohol, refreshing beer.

Tacoa Fiesta: A special festive brew which is created to clebrate special occasions.

As well as the beer, the Tacoa Brewery serves some great grub. As to be expected there is a mix of German and canarian food. Some choices are:

Curry Salad with French goat cheese and molasses, Mushrooms And Tacoa Squid, coated in Dark Beer, nine types of German sausage and homemade Bavarian pasta.

The Tacoa Brewery is located in El Sauzal and if you happen to go on a Friday you can enjoy the regular Friday Jazz and Blues Jam session.

Visis the Tacoa Brewery website for more information.

Tenerife Pool Parties – You Need Balls

Tenerife Pool Parties – You Need Balls

I don’t know how many times I have thought, now that would make a great business! From foam beer coolers (which were not to be found when I arrived in Tenerife) to the fabulous fun of zorbing, rolling downhill inside a great big plastic ball. (I imagine that might make an interesting sideline for Mauricio at Rafting Bike. Instead of carefully leading his group of rafters merrily down the mountain to Los Cristianos he could just kick them over the hill at the crater’s edge).

As it happens I have always been a day late or a penny short but maybe what I have always lacked is the balls. Seriously. The people at Walk on Water Tenerife did their homework and came up with just what was needed – a guaranteed kid pleaser.

For two years in a row my daughter has had a pool party. She’s feeling a bit mumpy about it this year and making noises about taking a gang of her friends to a theme park or horse riding instead. Much as I love Siam Park, I can’t think of anything worse than being responsible for a gaggle of nine years olds running rampant through the water slides.

Thankfully, Walk on Water has just the ticket. In fact, it looks so much fun I might even be tempted to don a cossie and have a go myself. Not that I want you to let that last image put you off the whole idea.

I was just thinking what a brilliant surprise my daughter would get if I set this up for this year’s party when I came across a testimonial:

what a day we had yesterday, we hired the “walking on water” balls …Joe and the gang made a perfect party for us.  Read in full…

Done deal! I can’t wait.

Walk on Water is available at a bunch of venues including La Siesta, Princess Dacil and Tropical Park. The prices for a private party are very reasonable – certainly a lot cheaper than taking a bunch of kids to a theme park would be.