Tenerife can sometimes seem a rather cold-hearted place. Feral cats are everywhere and there are more stray and abandoned dogs than you will hopefully ever see. This is very distressing for concerned animal lovers but what they also don’t see are the locals who care for the feral cats, taking them food and water, and rounding them up for neutering before letting them loose again. You will see many cats with one ear clipped; that is a sign that he or she has been sterilised by a local charity to at least try and stem the flow of unwanted animals on the streets of Tenerife.

Just past Las Chafiras, tucked up a little back road, another team of sound-hearted individuals battle the tide of unwanted souls. K9 Animal Refuge or Refugio de los Animales K9 is located here. Founded by a handful of concerned Ex-Pats, it continues to rescue as many of Tenerife’s unwanted, sick and abused animals as possible.

The organisation is run by a committee of 10 volunteers headed by the President, Elsie Clinton-Leslie, who as a founder member, wished to address the enormous number of stray dogs roaming the island in packs, and the thousands of feral cats. She and 2 of her friends began simply; by taking in strays to their own homes before finding them alternative, safe and permanent accommodation in a loving family environment. From these humble beginnings, K9 was born.

K9 is recognised, non-profit, registered charity that receives no funding from any government body, surviving instead upon fundraising activities such as: collection boxes in local bars and businesses, monthly car boot sales at 3 venues, weekly market book swaps, occasional charity auctions and entertainment nights specifically to raise funds.

Raising money is a constant concern for K9 To an organisation that relies solely on the generosity of the public, hard times make for harder fund-raising. Time is also a factor, for with 80 dogs in care and a cattery housing 20 cats there are always jobs to be done – and never enough volunteers to do them.

If you are able to help with any of the following tasks, please contact K9.

K9 shelter dog paw
  • Assisting at Car Boot Sales,

  • Looking after cats for 2 hours at our cattery,

  • Help in trapping and neutering cats as required,

  • Fostering a dog or cat in the short term,

  • Dog walking,

  • Help with any money raising ideas.

The kennel at K9 was custom built to comfortably accommodate 60 dogs, though there are never less than 80 on any given day. There is also now a Cattery that houses 20 cats and kittens.

Wherever possible we re-locate our animals to other countries including Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Holland, Sweden, as well as the UK.

The individual stories of each one of this never-ending flood of abandoned, stray and maltreated animals are far too numerous to recount here but some are covered on the K9 Tenerife website where you can also find out about fundraising events, K9 news, jobs for volunteers, dogs or cats newly in, dogs happily homed and much more.

Once again, I have to repeat, K9 receives NO government funding. Every penny donated to K9 is needed to feed, shelter and give medical care to the animals already in their charge. ALready full to bursting, the centre receives calls about more animals needing shelter every day. If you can donate, even €1, please do so via the Paypal donate page on their site or throuhg the bank details given below.

The Kennels and Cattery are open EVERY day from 10am to 1.30pm. Cleaning, feeding, walking and exercising starts at 9am. The dogs like to be taken out of the kennels for a change, so we are always happy when dog walker’s turn up. You are welcome at the kennels any day from 10.00am to 1.30pm. Please have sensible footwear and a drink, and please respect the advice given about any individual dog.

Visit, Volunteer, Donate

Visit the K9 Animal Refuge website.
Call K9: Kennels – 667 638 468 (9am to 6pm) General Enquires – 606 121 081 (9am to 6pm)
Donate to K9 Tenerife:
Banco Santandar Acccount Name Refugio de los Animales K9 IBAN ES16 0049 1915 5422 1003 5539
Link to K9 Animal Refuge Paypal Donation page