Living in Tenerife

The British expats that already live in Tenerife all have their own tale to tell. Some have retired to enjoy a relaxing time in the sun, other arrive with young kids ready to start a new life. Many of the challenges they face are the same. The rigmarole of dealing with the city councils, getting registered at a clinic, opening a bank account and so on.

Other tasks or decisions are more personal. Should you send your kids to Spanish school? How to find a job? Why on earth is it so difficult to find an affordable long-term rent?

Good Luck with El Gordo!

Wherever you are in Tenerife on the 22nd of December, you will most likely be within earshot of a radio. If you have a good ear for Spanish you'll hear five figure numbers being sung out by one child followed by another singing 'Mil Eeeeuro'....

Dive right in!

Once of the best things you can do as a newcomer to Tenerife is to throw yourself into learning Spanish.

The longer you leave it, the more you will find that you can get by in English. That’s good but it is also a shame because your experience here will be all the richer for being able to speak the language.