Tenerife Animal Shelters – Support the Local Animal Shelters

Tenerife Animal Shelters – Support the Local Animal Shelters

Given recent events, you would be forgiven for thinking Tenerife is a heartless and cruel place where all animals are concerned.

We have all too regular reports of dog poisonings here, especially in the Costa Del Silencio area where some sick individual (or individuals) have been leaving poisoned meat or down in areas they know dogs get walked. Then there are the horrors inflicted on the rail-thin hunting dogs at the end of the hunting season.

Last but definitely not least, is the story of Martin, whose sickening abuse included being beaten, cut, buried alive and left to die of thirst or starvation in the mountains, up to his neck in dirt. He was so helpless that he could not even turn his eyes away from the glaring sun.

Reading about these events, you can be forgiven to think that Tenerife is hell on earth for any four legged creature unlucky enough to be born here. But… you would be wrong.

Martin being cared for by vet, Yaiza

Horrible as it is to point out, that red patch at Martin’s neck is not a blanket. That is open, raw flesh where his skin was abraded away.

Donate to Martin

Martin’s recovery has been slow and hard. He has done great but there is still sme way to go. If you would like to dnate to Martin’s fund you can do via his very own Facebook page here:

Martin’s Facebook Page


The Animal Angels

There are many, many people on the island who work hard to rescue and rehome stray and abandoned animals. They fight to remove animals from abusive owners or circumstances and spend all their time, money and energy on doing whatever they can to encourage Tenerife’s pet owners to spay their dogs and cats.

Martin’s case brought the topic of animal abuse on the island front and centre. People were so horrified at the abuse he had suffered that Martin is now a symbol not only of the abuse that animals have suffered here on Tenerife but of the absolute outpouring of love and support from the majority of good, kind-hearted souls who live here.

Tenerife is great for tourists. All that sun, sand, sea and sangria – what’s not to like? And as a place to live, the island offers a friendly, relaxed pace in a pleasant climate. No wonder so many expats flock here to retire or looking for a new life in the sun.

Unfortunately the island is not always so kind to its four-legged residents. Hunting season here is notoriously hard on the podenco hunting dogs and the treatment of older dogs by some hunters after the season is over is heartless – in cases, even sadistic. Then there are those who may not mean to be cruel, like the short term ‘swallows’ who come and go. Some of them casually leave behind the pets they picked up at the beginning of their stay like old socks that won’t fit in the suitcase.

Maybe they think it does not get so cold here so hey.. the pet will survive just fine. Except of course it won’t. An abandoned dog left to its own devices could starve to death, die of thirst, get run over by a car, get sick – or it may join a pack and add to the current problem of wild dogs in the hills.

Then there are the feral cat families which can manage reasonably well as long as there is enough food to sustain them and they have access to water. In some areas, kindly individual Tenerife residents feed the feral cats and sometimes participate in trap, neuter, release programmes. There are also larger groups and registered charities that focus on rescuing, neutering and homing cats and kittens. But no amount of spaying and rehoming ever seems to put as much as a dent in the flood of new kittens born every spring.

Tenerife Animal Shelters

There are several animal shelters in Tenerife and all need support. Not everyone can donate money but dog and cat shelters need other things too. Bleach, food, blankets, newspapers…or some of your time… as Live Arico say on their Facebook page:

We also always need volunteers, your unwanted items for the shop, blankets, cleaning materials and food for the refuges. Please don’t throw anything away….you will be amazed at how resourceful we can be 😉

There are usually one or two of the shelters represented at local car boot shows and markets so donated old books, clothes and household items for them to sell is a good idea and ther are also fund-raising shops and donations jars in different places around the island. Watch out too for fundraising events for the various groups that pop up throughout the year.

Very few of the animal shelters in Tenerife seem to be very good at updating their web pages. K9 is an exception but for the others, you are more likely to find the most up to date information on dogs looking for foster or forever homes on their Facebook pages. If any shelter has been left off the list below it is by oversight only. Just let me know and I will add links to any other groups supporting as  Let me know in the comments or by email and I will glady add and I will be happy to add  to the list who is working to benefit the island’s  abandoned pets.

Action for Wild Dogs in Los Cristianos

Adopt an Animal

Aktion Tier Accion

Cats Welfare

K9 Tenerife

Live Arico Charity Shops

Paws For Thought

Pets at Home Tenerife


Dog training in Tenerife – Tito Takes a Telling

Dog training in Tenerife – Tito Takes a Telling

Presa Canario pup

While we can see that Tito is growing quickly he is with us all the time so it doesn’t really register just how big he is getting. At 51/2 months he now tops Skye (our Boxer) by a good inch and a half and there is still possibly another four months growing in him.

Presa Canario pup

In the first picture, Tito has already been with us for a few weeks and had filled out quite a bit. At puppy appointments even the vet laughed out loud when he managed to put on seven kilos in one month.

I know people who walk their dogs at the crack of dawn or in the wee hours of the morning because their

pooch has ‘issues’ and they are afraid of what will happen if their path should cross with another dog. My own sweet Skye has occasional problems with other females because I probably under-socialised or over-protected her when she was a puppy.

I don’t want to make the same mistake with Tito and I don’t want him confined to sneaky walks in the dark scurrying for home if another dog is sighted on the horizon. Also with a dog of his size (even now never mind at full maturity) it is vitally important that he be rock solid with all kids and completely trustworthy in the presence of other dogs. I don’t want him hauling me down the street or taking off after a cat or across a busy road…

Presa Canario crossSo, I decided to get a handle on all these possible problems before they ever arose. I called in the cavalry in the form of dog trainer  Sharon Haslem of Happy Tails and I have to say I am ever so glad I did. Not only does Sharon very quickly get to the point and demonstrate the exact body language, word or action needed to communicate to Tito what I expect of him, I also find her highly entertaining. I can even forgive her for looking quite striking when she strides up and down showing me how to get Tito’s attention for a respectable heel.  When I try the same manoeuvre I look like a demented hobbit.
n the last few meetings she has also managed to train my kids and my mother. The whole concept of body blocking is quite liberating when you are five foot nothing and suspect the kids are already wearying of me herding them to bath and bed instead of just telling them what to do. Now all I need to do is practice my body blocking Him Indoors into the kitchen and I might get the dishes washed for me once in a blue moon.


Going to the Dogs in Tenerife

Going to the Dogs in Tenerife

Charity, Dogs, Tenerife


How rotten can you get? Live Arico is a local dog support group. At present they have 166 dogs for which they need to find homes and on average they need €70 just to keep going.

Many bars, restaurants and shops support this group and other local charities by displaying collection boxes. Unfortunately these boxes are easy pickings for light-fingered thieves and two men recently made off with yet another box from Rob Roy’s Bar in Los Cristianos.

Live Arico hold various events each month including sales, raffles and benefit nights. The group are always looking for prizes for the raffles or for venues for the benefit nights. Volunteers and donations would not go amiss either. Contact Eugenio on 649 001 907 or Karen on 687 905 511 if you would like to help out.

Also please if you see a Live Arico collection box on a bar or shop counter, do donate but only after making sure the owner has the box well secured.

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July 7, 2008