More in the Pot for the Self-Employed

An additional Euro 3,673.864 has been allocated for “self-employed promotion” in the Canary Islands.

The first half of this program allowed 950 people to become self-employed (autonomo). A second initiative resulted in grants of 3.5 million eros and 593 people becoming self-employed.

The self-employed promotion campaign is 80% funded by the European Social Fund and its aim is to strengthen the entrpreneurial capacity of the self-employed in the Canary Islands with average grants ranging form 5,000 to 8,000.

Those to benefit from the scheme are registered as unemployed and the amount of grant received will depend on whether they belong to any of the groups considered as priority in the  They may be beneficiaries of grants under this program are registered as unemployed and seeking employment in the public employment services when setting up as self-employed or own account and the amount of the grant to receive will vary depending on their membership or not any of the groups considered as priority in the Canary Employment Strategy 2008-2013