Palm Mar – Peace in the Valley

Located in the south of the island, near Los Cristianos, Palm Mar is an oasis of peace and tranquillity away from the noise and overcrowding of Tenerife’s larger resorts. It’s just 15 minutes drive from Tenerife South Airport and just 10 minutes from Los Cristianos.

Pal Mar is a high-class urbanisation – you won’t find any cheap hotels, tacky nightclubs and timeshare touts here, just several top class golf courses, and an impressive man-made sandy beach.

It’s mainly a residential area. The homes here are built to the highest of standards, making it an increasingly popular area for investment and relocation.

Located between a mountain and a natural reserve, with a spectacular bay, Palm Mar has a genuine microclimate with hardly any wind.

The authorities have made a firm commitment to ensure that Palm Mar will never become overly built-up like say, Las Americas. And realistically, its location makes any extensive overbuilding in either direction quite impossible.

The actual village of Palm Mar has been around for many years but it wasn’t until the 1980’s that it started to develop. It became popular with foreign investors attracted by its tranquil atmosphere, light breezes and stunning natural beauty.

Palm Mar underwent a period of intense interest both from the local government and foreign investors. They saw it as the ideal location to build a whole new village with high quality yet affordable properties suitable for the growing number of international professionals looking for housing in the area.

During the 1990’s every plot of land that was sold to developers was sold under the commitment that only quality luxury developments could be built there.

As a result of this, anyone buying a home in Palm Mar will have to put up with breathtaking sea views, tropical palm trees and all kinds of indigenous plants and flowers as well as a property built to the highest of standards with the best quality materials.

The Future of Palm Mar

Palm Mar is changing rapidly. Apart from the superb selection of restaurants and bars in the resort, there’s now two local supermarkets and just a short drive away you’ll find a Mercadona, which is kind of like a Spanish version of Tesco – but probably better.

There are further plans to improve the infrastructure and coastline. They’re even planning to install mooring facilities in the nearby bay so you can take a taxi boat back and forth to Los Cristianos. Other plans include several natural seawater swimming pools, scuba diving facilities, and a deluxe sports club and spa will also be built.

Although the area is continually developing, it won’t turn into another Las Americas. Palm Mar is set to remain completely residential. It’s designed solely for people who want to live in luxury and enjoy the peaceful and natural surroundings, without the noise pollution and overcrowding you often get in popular Spanish resorts.