Sometimes all you want to do on your holidays is sack out by the pool with a block-buster, sipping cocktails all day. If you have a stressful job for the rest of the year, that two weeks of bliss can even make the previous 50 seem worthwhile.

I know because I have been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Once upon a time a horrendous boss laid into me so badly (and unfairly) in a meeting that I quit on the spot and treated myself to a week in Koh Samui to recover. All I did was lay on the warm sand and concentrate on feelings of relaxation and peace. (And dream up painful ways for my evil ex-boss to meet her maker).

I was totally refreshed and ready for action when I got back to town and very quickly found a new job. One that had better hours, better pay and a boss that was not descended from Vlad the Impaler.

Funnily enough, I think if I was in the same position today, I would do the same. I’d go for a change of environment but instead of spending my time relaxing, I would do something more exciting, something I’d never done before, like kayaking or scuba-diving. Or I would sign up for a week’s programme of personal fitness training and really get myself in shape, the kind of activities offered by Sports School Felix on the Active Holidays Tenerife website, in fact.

Swimming lessons in TenerifeAnother thing you can do is take professional swimming lessons. Felix at Active Holidays Tenerife is a professional swimming coach among other things and will take on infants, adults and family groups. He also trains competitive swimmers in particlsu upping the game for triatheletes who need to cut seconds off their swimming time.

It occurred to me when I was looking through that website that it would be a good package deal for a bride-to-be. She could come out here with her bestie prior to the wedding and after a week of being put through her paces by Felix, she’d be looking fabulous on her big day.

Whether you are coming to Tenerife on holiday or are already entrenched here, the activites offered by Sports School Felix look interesting and good fun.  I have got Kayaking and proper swimming lessons down on my to do list … just as soon as I finish this book. 😉