10 Reasons to Move to Tenerife

After a Tenerife holiday many people wonder what it would be like to live here.  They start dreaming about buying a property and opening a little bar or retiring to enjoy their autumn years relaxing in the sun.

Quite frequently it seems one spouse is utterly desperate to make the move, while the other remains unconvinced and pessimistic about the whole scheme, reluctant to leave family and friends behind to take off into the wild blue yonder.

Well, just to help you give your stick-in-the-mud other half some positive things to think about here are a list of 10 good reasons to move to Tenerife.

Tenerife Climate:

Just off the African coast, on the same latitude as Florida, Tenerife enjoys year round sunshine, which means you can be on the beach sunbathing in January, golfing in February, windsurfing in March and never have to think of heavier clothing than maybe a cosy woolly cardigan for the late night barbeques in December.

Proximity to the UK:

Tenerife is a short four hour flight from Britain, with more than 200 flights per week all year round from 30 different airports in the UK. You can decide at a day’s notice to fly out or hop back to Britain and with so many to choose from you may surf the internet to check out the price/timing that is right for you.

Peace of Mind:

Excellent medical facilities and schools, both English and Spanish private schools are available at reasonable prices and British pensioners have access to reciprocal medical treatment. (update: At least for now. Nobody really knows where we will stand after the BREXIT. Some people are so worried that a recent April Fool’s Day article on the subject reduced some pensioners to panicked tears. Personally, I expect that the various countries involved will reach an agreement that more or less maintains the status quo for thse already living abroad. After all, Brits have been living abroad for many years, before there even was an EU to be part of.)

Home Comforts:

With a British population of around 30,000 residents out of a total island population of 600,000 you have easy access to British foods, newspapers, television, books, however with the large Canarian population you don’t have to go far to enjoy the local culture and cuisine.

Cost of Living:

As a holiday maker you may have noticed that eating out, drinking, cigarettes and petrol are much cheaper here than in the UK. For the British who live here and use the hypermarkets and local restaurants the difference is even more profound but there are other advantages you may not have thought of, like no heating bills, low average rates and a one-climate wardrobe.

Tenerife Island:

From Mount Teide at 12,000 feet with its dramatic volcanic landscapes to the sandy beaches and lush tropical forests in the north, Tenerife is a collection of microclimates and it is hard to imagine more variety on any other island of a similar size.

Canarian Culture:

Every town and village in Tenerife has its own fiesta where giant paellas are cooked, lively Canarian music is played, local handicrafts are demonstrated and sold and the people turn out in their best clothes to promenade and enjoy the spectacle with their family and friends.

Second only to Rio De Janeiro, the Santa Cruz Carnival is a world class event lasting for three weeks every February/March. Visitors and performers arrive from all over the world to participate and enjoy the entertaining spectacle.


It is true that the great British breakfast, beloved of holidaymakers in the resorts of Playa de Las Americas, is alive and well on the island, however, for the more adventurous there are a number of first-class restaurants specializing in Canarian and Spanish food.

In any of the fishing villages the line the coast, there is a mouthwatering variety of the freshest seafood available at incredible prices. On the international side in the South we have Thai, Indian, Belgian, French, Moroccan, Lebanese, Chinese, Swiss, German, Italian, Vietnamese, Mexican and Japanese.

Tenerife Activities:

Every type of water sport is catered for from big game fishing, excellent windsurfing and diving to sailing and angling. Tenerife’s world class golf courses offer plenty of choice for the keen golfer, there are excursions to suit every interest and level of fitness from dolphin and whale trips to a 22 mile downhill glide on rafting bikes. There are theme parks galore including Monkey Park, Aguilas Park, and the award winning Siam Water Park, horseriding, rock climbing … the possibilities are as endless for residents as they are for tourists to the island.

Way of Life:

Ask anyone who lives in Tenerife if they have any regrets and the usual reply is that they wish they’d come here sooner. The way of life in the Canaries is more relaxed. People have more time for other people; they smile more, feel healthier, are more active and generally get more out of life.