Building Complex Management by Committee in Tenerife

Building Complex Management by Committee in Tenerife

Building Complex Management in Tenerife

For swallows and those who move to Tenerife full time, building complex management can take some getting used to but is it any better or worse through the current pandemic?

When people first rent in a complex or buy a property that is contained within a complex, they can sometimes find that the community management is a little … well … complicated.

Take my neighbour, for example.  When she and her husband moved into this community they embarked on a home improvement project which involved building a new floor and painting the exterior of the house. They did a lovely job and their house is in keeping with the general appearance of others in the street but that did not prevent them from receiving a visit from La Presidenta to give them a telling off for not following community guidelines. And this, despite the fact that the community president has herself extended her property by adding a new floor and extending her garden. This do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do situation is not uncommon.

This interference in what you do with your own property might seem to be a ridiculous intrusion but when you buy property on a complex you are bound by the community rules as to what you can do to that property. If the rules say you must have dark stained wooden shutters then you won’t get away with a bright sunny, yellow. Same with the height of the walls or the materials used in building an extension.

Then there are the community fees and the transparency or lack thereof of what is being done with the money you pay into the community each month. In one local complex both the president and the administrator were recently bounced out in what would have been a bloody coup in the old days. The complex residents had had strong suspicions of book-cooking for quite a while and when evidence was finally obtained, the two were trounced at the next election committee. Whether legal action will be taken remains to be seen.

That story pales in comparison to the situation my friend is currently experiencing. She is inches from paying her last mortgage payment, only to have the once beautiful complex she falling into disrepair during the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s all very well for the community management to plead poverty during the current crisis, but they are still taking management fees while the pools and walls crack and peel.

While the notorious fraudster at the head of the complex management company continues to line his pockets, the community struggle to get heard in court because he holds on to a greater number of absent proxies than all the permanent residents combined.

Not all complex management is bad. There are some whose focus is not to line their own pockets but rather to improve and enhance the environment for all their residents. Rent or buy on one of these complexes and your stay there is likely to be a happy one.

What has your experience been with complex management? Feel free to name your complex and give them hearty thumbs up or a boot in the backside.


Covid-19 and the Self-Employed in Spain

Covid-19 and the Self-Employed in Spain

Covid-19 Self-Employed Losses in Spain

After a rise in self-employed (autonomo) workers in Spain of 31,937 in the first half of 2019, Covid-19 lockdowns have resulted in a loss of 23,836 self-employed workers, 0.7% decrease, from 3,269 million from December 2019 to 3,245 from June 2020. This is despite various government aid launched by the Government, such as the extraordinary benefit, and a number of guarantees to sustain their liquidity.

The ATA (Asociación de Trabajadores Autónomos) recorded a larger loss of self-employed women. At the end of June there were 13,491 fewer self-employed women than at the end of 2019, while 10,345 men were lost. In percentage terms, this means that the drop among women was 1.1%, compared to the 0.5% drop for men.

According to Lorenzo Amor, president of the ATA, the loss of self-employed workers is set to continue through 2020. “Everything indicates that a strong loss of freelancers will begin in July and we have a very hard autumn ahead of us.”

Finding Bargain Tenerife Property for Sale

Finding Bargain Tenerife Property for Sale

Finding Bargain, Repossessed and 100%  Mortgage Properties in Tenerife

I rented in Tenerife for 17 years. Although I often daydreamed over buying a finca and having a place of my own, financially that was always going to be pie-in-the-sky.

That was until rental prices in Tenerife went through the roof. Not only that but as an animal lover, finding longterm rental properties that permit dogs is getting more and more difficult. As prices got higher, it eventually became clear that I had two choices, get rid of my menagerie and move into a smaller apartment or get a place of my own. So make that one choice then.

By necessity, my new casa was going to have to be cheap and would have to have as close as possible to 100% mortgage. Of all the bargain properties available in Tenerife, the cheapest – at least to get the mortgage – is always going to be a repossessed property. You may find later on, as I did, that the previous tenants have left such a long list of damage that you have not won yourself a bargain but if like me, you really need to get your own place and money is tight, a repo with 100% mortgage may be your only option. After all, once it is yours, you can spend as long as you like doing it up, right?

So where do you find these repossession bargain property in Tenerife?

Well first, let me tell you that any repo in Tenerife is unlikely to be a des-res. Believe me, if it was,  the employees of the bank that has it on the market would have snapped it up before it saw the light of day.  I remember some years ago, a repossessed property in one of the nicest complexes in Costa Del Silencio was snapped up by a Spanish accountant at an incredibly low price. I was quite new to Tenerife then and I asked how he had found the property to buy. There never seemed to be any repossessions advertised in the local English language papers at that time.

I was told that the lists of those properties that had been taken over by the banks and were to be put up for sale at vastly reduced prices were only available to ‘those in the know’. In other words, if you were not related to the bank manager’s wife, forget it.

So, don’t think you will find a pretty little two-bed with sea views and close to the sea going for a song. No, the properties you are more likely to find will be sad, neglected and even, as in the case of my own repo, vandalised.

In my case, getting off the rental treadmill was worth looking into locations and at property, I would not otherwise have considered.  I scoured property pages online and I had every Spanish property website sending me emails of their new listings on a daily basis. At the time, I was not actually looking for a repossessed property as I was under the impression that these were no longer available in Tenerife.

Well, I was wrong. There are plenty of them if you know where to look. You can start with these property listings. Each is related to a bank.

Caixa Bank

Building Center is the management platform and real estate subsidiary of Caixa Bank that handles defaulted property and it sells or rents properties through Servihabitat.

Search Servihabitat for Tenerife Properties 

If you search Servihabitat for properties for sale, those that you see with the Building Center logo are repossessed property for sale through Caixa Bank.

Abama Hotel and Luxury Residences – Own your own slice of paradise

Abama Hotel and Luxury Residences – Own your own slice of paradise

Abama Hotel and Luxury Residences

Abama is near the south-western coastal resort of Playa San Juan, in the municipality of Guia de Isora. This small corner of paradise is not only sheltered from the prevailing winds of the Atlantic Ocean, but it is also graced with year-round sunshine and very little rainfall, thus making it an ideal destination for sun-worshippers the world over.

Up until the 1950’s there was only a lime kiln, a tuna factory, and a handful of fishermen’s cottages lining the natural harbour and quaint little coves that make-up Playa San Juan -and yet despite its huge growth in popularity over the last 60 years, it has still managed to retain its reputation as one of the most beautiful and tranquil fishing villages on the island. Abama is also only a fifteen-minute drive from the magnificent resort of Los Gigantes -so named because of its towering cliffs that rise between 500 and 800 meters above sea-level. fFfteen minutes to the south of Abama is the bustling areas of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas. The Reina Sofia (south) airport is also less than a thirty-minute drive from Abama.

The area is most famous of course for the stunning, five star Abama Hotel, which boasts a total of 469 suites and guest rooms inestled within 400 acres of beautiful hillside landscaping.

The owners of the exclusive villa properties in Abama Resort benefit from access to the facilities of the hotel, the club room and the golf course.


Bellevue Villas of Abama

The ‘eight’ Bellevue villas of ABAMA, which were designed by architect’s Virgilio Luis Gutierrez and Eustaquio Martinez, are  notably distinguished by their exclusive location overlooking ABAMA’S magnificent golf course, along with affording stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean and the island of La Gomera.

All of these spectacular villas, which have been decorated with the highest quality materials, such as stone and wood, come complete with landscaped gardens, a pool and a garage. Owners of these luxurious properties, along with their guests, are allowed to use all of ABAMA’S facilities, including additional luxuries on ABAMA’S secluded beach. They are also entitled to discounted prices on ABAMA’S professional tennis complex -and of course, the ABAMA Golf Course. Property management services for these stunning three and four-bedroom properties are available upon request, and they include washing, gardening, pool maintenance, catering and housekeeping.

Find out more

Thank you to experienced Tenerife estate agent, Clear Blue Skies. Please contact them for more information on Bellevue Villas of Abama.

5 Common Mistakes Made by Home Buyers

5 Common Mistakes Made by Home Buyers



Searching for Property Online with No Clear Plan

There is a lot of great property in Tenerife.  Many of the houses and apartments for sale right now look so fabulous in the photographs displayed on the estate agent website that it is easy to get distracted from your actual requirements.  Don’t start your online search until you know:

  • what is the maximum price that you will pay for your new property;
  •  the size of the area in which you want to live and any specific requirements of the location;
  • the number of rooms you need;
  • is a garage, balcony/terrace or communal pool a deal breaker?

There will be items that you are willing to compromise on but by having a clear list of specific requirements you are much less likely to be swayed by pretty pictures or clever descriptions. You will save time, money and visits to houses that are really not what you are looking for.

  •  Forgetting About Added Purchasing Fees

Purchasing a property in Tenerife, as elsewhere,  involves a number of costs over and above the listed price of the house. By taking into account the conditions of the mortgage and the additional expenses you will be able to take it in stride if the Euribor rises and you will have money set aside to meet taxes, pay the notary and if it is a part of the purchase agreement, meet the expense of the added value tax (a fee which is considered to be borne by the seller by law but which often in reality falls to the buyer).

  •  Not Considering the State of the Property Before Purchase.

Some properties can be bought at bargain prices because they are in a state of disrepair and need some renovation before moving in. It is common for those who have not had the experience of renovation a property to underestimate the amount of time and money involverd in getting a house or apartment back to a habitable state. While it is true that there are bargains to be had, you would be best advised to seek professional estimates of the building work required and seek appropriate discounts accordingly.

  •  Buy in Haste, Repent in Leisure

In the current economy the seller will be keen to press for a quick sale. Real estate agents are professional sales people and some will be very skilled at subtly  (or not so subtly) pushing you to a buying decision. But a house is not an impulse buy. You need to take a breath and consider the purchase from all angles. Is it right, does it fill all the requirements you noted down? Is it well located, central to your needs? Is the financing  favourable? 

  • Buying in the Wrong Area

For many expats, the coastal areas of Tenerife seem like the ideal place to live. The major tourists’ resorts of Los Cristianos and Las Americas glitter like diamonds after the dull urban sprawls of grey UK cities.  But is buying a house in the tourist district really what is best for the family? After the glitter has worn off a bit, many reconsider their first decisions and move to locations like Adeje town or farther out to Arico where larger properties can be had for much less money.

In summary, the best advice is to consider your needs, take your time and do not be pressured into a snap decision. Don’t forget to also consider the Spanish property portals when searching for property in Tenerife, where you might just find a hidden gem. The website has listings for Tenerife and other cities.

Tenerife Property

Tenerife Property

Finding Bargain Tenerife Property for Sale

Finding Bargain Tenerife Property for Sale

As it gets harder and harder to find long-term rentals in Tenerife at a reasonable cost (and impossible for those with pets), expat residents are looking to find bargain Tenerife property for sale, particularly bank repossessions and 100% mortgages.

Abama Hotel and Luxury Residences – Own your own slice of paradise

Abama Hotel and Luxury Residences – Own your own slice of paradise

Abama is near the south-western coastal resort of Playa San Juan, in the municipality of Guia de Isora. This small corner of paradise is not only sheltered from the prevailing winds of the Atlantic Ocean, but it is also graced with year-round sunshine and very little...

5 Common Mistakes Made by Home Buyers

5 Common Mistakes Made by Home Buyers

  Searching for Property Online with No Clear Plan There is a lot of great property in Tenerife.  Many of the houses and apartments for sale right now look so fabulous in the photographs displayed on the estate agent website that it is...

Tenerife Flat Share – Bargain Flat Share in Playa San Juan

Tenerife Flat Share – Bargain Flat Share in Playa San Juan

Newcomers are often at a loss of where to find cheap, long-term accommodation in Tenerife.  Even the B & B's charge an exorbitant amount for a single room if you look at the charges over a month. Flat sharing is always a good idea when you are looking to save on...

Tenerife Property Bargains – Sur y Sol – Los Cristianos

What could be better than owning your own holiday apartment in Los Cristianos? Getting it for a knock down price in a location that you are practically guaranteed rental income is better. Better still, even after all the expenses are paid (the mortgage, community fees...

Tenerife Estate Agents

Tenerife Estate Agents

Tenerife Estate Agents Tenerife estate agents are known as inmobiliaria.  There are still many here servicing clients from the UK though quite a few folded at the beginning of the economic crash. When buying property anywhere in Spain you are better to...

Buying Property in Tenerife

Searching for property in Tenerife is easy. Just go onto Google and type in “Tenerife property search” and you’ll find dozens of websites and real estate agents offering a huge range of villas, apartments, fincas, bungalows, commercials (shops/offices) and land....

Tenerife Property – Location, Type and Cost

Tenerife is a lot more than just sun, sea and sangria. It’s one of the UK’s most popular holiday destinations, with an ever-increasing expat community and a booming property market. While it is possible to fly to the island and hunt around on foot or pore through...

Investing in Overseas Property

Investing in Overseas Property

Overseas Investments - Look Before You Leap As more and more people look for new ways to build wealth and invest their money wisely, the popularity of buying overseas property grows.  Buying a property for sale for investment purposes basically means that you buy to...

Tenerife Mortgages

Tenerife Mortgages

Tenerife has long been a favourite holiday destination of North Europeans looking to escape their colder climates. In turn, their once or twice yearly flights to the sun have inspired many to consider owning a second home in Tenerife. Over the years thousands have...

Cheap Long-Term Accommodation in Tenerife

I received an email from Jill who wants to stay a bit longer in Tenerife but whose funds are running low. After her contract expired Jill looked around to find cheaper accommodation but the best she found was an €18 a night B & B in Los Cristianos. That’s daylight...

Investing in Tenerife Property

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Timeshare in Tenerife – Know Before You Go

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Tenerife Property Buying Experiences

Tenerife Property Buying Experiences

Buying property - it’s usually the biggest purchase of your life, but what should you look out for when purchasing your pied-a-terre in Tenerife? At the beautiful Bahía Príncipe we cajoled four friends to share their experiences. Julia Greenland, Manager, Key...

Tenerife Property – Callao Salvaje

Callao Salvaje - Up and Coming Investment Area Buying a new home is likely to be the largest investment you’ll ever make. Whether you’re buying at home or abroad, you’ll need to choose the right estate agent; one you can trust and one who knows the area extremely...

Palm Mar Property

Palm Mar - Peace in the Valley Located in the south of the island, near Los Cristianos, Palm Mar is an oasis of peace and tranquillity away from the noise and overcrowding of Tenerife’s larger resorts. It’s just 15 minutes drive from Tenerife South Airport and just 10...