Tenerife doctorI have posted about this before but just want to remind expat residents in Tenerife that there is a way to book your social security Tenerife doctor’s appointment’s online. Called Cita Previa it requires only that you have your social security on hand when you visit so that you might complete the required ID field.

For many people who are not confident Spanish speakers, this useful service does away with the stress of trying to make an appointment using the usual 012 number. One pointer though, if you use the Cita Previa webpage, make a printout to take with you.

You’ll find the page here: Cita Previa

Sticking with medical issues in Tenerife, Pam recently made her feelings known concerning the ‘improvements’ brought about by the introduction of electronic prescriptions. She starts with:

So, you are sitting in the doctors waiting room ( probably for at least 30-40 minutes past your appointment time), looking for something to occupy your mind with.

Your eyes fall on the notice pinned to the doctor’s door that informs you about the changes they have made to the electronic prescription – good idea! you think, they seem to be getting to grips with automation here… but what the “improvement” notice doesn’t tell you are the problems this change will give you when you go to the chemist to get your monthly prescription dispensed…