Tenerife is a lot more than just sun, sea and sangria. It’s one of the UK’s most popular holiday destinations, with an ever-increasing expat community and a booming property market.

While it is possible to fly to the island and hunt around on foot or pore through local Spanish newspapers looking for properties for sale by owner, the island is well served with professional and experienced English-speaking estate agents the greater majority of which have invested in sleek websites to showcase their extensive property databases making it entirely possible nowadays to do your Tenerife property search from the comfort of your own home.

There are other reasons beside convenience that recommend taking advantage of the services of Tenerife’s estate agents not least among them being that Spanish and British property laws and taxes vary significantly.

Without the professional assistance of an estate agent, you may end up buying a property which has significant debts attached to it which then pass to you, or find that your lovely little villa is in fact constructed on non-urbanised land and therefore is totally illegal.

So, with your heart set on owning your own home in the sun and having decided to seek the services of an estate agent, what next?

Whichever estate agent you choose is going to do a better job for you if you can offer them a clear idea of your requirements.

Do you know where in Tenerife you would like to purchase property?

For a small island, Tenerife’s various towns and villages have remarkably differing characters. If you want all the buzz and excitement of a tourist spot or are buying to let to holiday-makers then Las Americas or Los Cristianos are obvious choices.

If, on the other hand you want all the convenience of being near town but a little less in the thick of things, you might consider Costa del Silencio, Adeje or Las Galletas or Granadilla.

The south is blessed with glorious sunshine year round. That goes a long way to explain the huge popularity of south Tenerife as a tourist destination, but maybe the south of Tenerife is just too touristy for you and a quiet hamlet in the hills in the north would be more to your liking?

Moving to Tenerife with Kids

You will want to research the schools or nurseries (guarderias) available to you in the area you wish to live. Tenerife offers both private English and German education or Spanish state schools.

Travelling to Work

Given its size, you can drive round Tenerife in a day but who wants to commute for two hours a day? You will most likely be wanting to leave some of the pressures of UK life behind. Saying goodbye to long daily traffic jams would certainly be high on the list.

What kind of property would you like to buy?

Many of the residential complexes in Tenerife are quite breathtaking, especially to a first-time buyer from a colder country. Sparkling swimming pools, lush mature gardens and clean reception areas promise a dream come true of long, lazy afternoons and sundowners on the patio. With management of the facilities taken care of by the ‘community’ of owners you need only pay your monthly fees and enjoy your new property which is ideal for the majority of buyers from oversea.

Alternatively, you may envision taking on a rundown ‘finca’ and renovating it from scratch or a villa with private pool on the golf course at Golf Del Sur. The choice is endless but careful consideration of the pros and cons of each property type can mean the difference between a successful move to Tenerife or a quick return to Blighty.

How much do you want to pay?

Experienced estate agents can find all sorts of excellent properties to fit your budget but you must be realistic. While properties in Tenerife are still very good value for money, you really will not find a ‘four bedroom, seafront with large terrace for £100,000’.

Spending some time browsing through online property databases will give you an idea of average prices for property types and locations.