Abama Hotel and Luxury Residences – Own your own slice of paradise

Abama Hotel and Luxury Residences – Own your own slice of paradise

Abama Hotel and Luxury Residences

Abama is near the south-western coastal resort of Playa San Juan, in the municipality of Guia de Isora. This small corner of paradise is not only sheltered from the prevailing winds of the Atlantic Ocean, but it is also graced with year-round sunshine and very little rainfall, thus making it an ideal destination for sun-worshippers the world over.

Up until the 1950’s there was only a lime kiln, a tuna factory, and a handful of fishermen’s cottages lining the natural harbour and quaint little coves that make-up Playa San Juan -and yet despite its huge growth in popularity over the last 60 years, it has still managed to retain its reputation as one of the most beautiful and tranquil fishing villages on the island. Abama is also only a fifteen-minute drive from the magnificent resort of Los Gigantes -so named because of its towering cliffs that rise between 500 and 800 meters above sea-level. fFfteen minutes to the south of Abama is the bustling areas of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas. The Reina Sofia (south) airport is also less than a thirty-minute drive from Abama.

The area is most famous of course for the stunning, five star Abama Hotel, which boasts a total of 469 suites and guest rooms inestled within 400 acres of beautiful hillside landscaping.

The owners of the exclusive villa properties in Abama Resort benefit from access to the facilities of the hotel, the club room and the golf course.


Bellevue Villas of Abama

The ‘eight’ Bellevue villas of ABAMA, which were designed by architect’s Virgilio Luis Gutierrez and Eustaquio Martinez, are  notably distinguished by their exclusive location overlooking ABAMA’S magnificent golf course, along with affording stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean and the island of La Gomera.

All of these spectacular villas, which have been decorated with the highest quality materials, such as stone and wood, come complete with landscaped gardens, a pool and a garage. Owners of these luxurious properties, along with their guests, are allowed to use all of ABAMA’S facilities, including additional luxuries on ABAMA’S secluded beach. They are also entitled to discounted prices on ABAMA’S professional tennis complex -and of course, the ABAMA Golf Course. Property management services for these stunning three and four-bedroom properties are available upon request, and they include washing, gardening, pool maintenance, catering and housekeeping.

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Thank you to experienced Tenerife estate agent, Clear Blue Skies. Please contact them for more information on Bellevue Villas of Abama.

Tenerife South Airport Transfers

Tenerife South Airport Transfers

Tenerife South Airport Transfer

25% discount till May 2nd!

airport transfers


Hands up those who enjoy starting their holiday off by hanging around the airport waiting for a  bus or taxi? What, no-one? Okay, me neither. When I am on holiday I want to get where I am going and chill out!

Well, have I got good news for you!

From now until May 2nd you can grab yourself a whopping 25% discount on transfers from Tenerife South airport transfers to your holiday accommodation. Oh, and back to airport at the end of your holiday of course because let’s face it, if you are not keen to stand about waiting on transport at the beginning of your holiday, you are going to feel even less like dragging out the journey home, right?

Just remember to use the code SUMMER25 when you book!

Put that Book Down! Active Holidays in Tenerife

Put that Book Down! Active Holidays in Tenerife

Sometimes all you want to do on your holidays is sack out by the pool with a block-buster, sipping cocktails all day. If you have a stressful job for the rest of the year, that two weeks of bliss can even make the previous 50 seem worthwhile.

I know because I have been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Once upon a time a horrendous boss laid into me so badly (and unfairly) in a meeting that I quit on the spot and treated myself to a week in Koh Samui to recover. All I did was lay on the warm sand and concentrate on feelings of relaxation and peace. (And dream up painful ways for my evil ex-boss to meet her maker).

I was totally refreshed and ready for action when I got back to town and very quickly found a new job. One that had better hours, better pay and a boss that was not descended from Vlad the Impaler.

Funnily enough, I think if I was in the same position today, I would do the same. I’d go for a change of environment but instead of spending my time relaxing, I would do something more exciting, something I’d never done before, like kayaking or scuba-diving. Or I would sign up for a week’s programme of personal fitness training and really get myself in shape, the kind of activities offered by Sports School Felix on the Active Holidays Tenerife website, in fact.

Swimming lessons in TenerifeAnother thing you can do is take professional swimming lessons. Felix at Active Holidays Tenerife is a professional swimming coach among other things and will take on infants, adults and family groups. He also trains competitive swimmers in particlsu upping the game for triatheletes who need to cut seconds off their swimming time.

It occurred to me when I was looking through that website that it would be a good package deal for a bride-to-be. She could come out here with her bestie prior to the wedding and after a week of being put through her paces by Felix, she’d be looking fabulous on her big day.

Whether you are coming to Tenerife on holiday or are already entrenched here, the activites offered by Sports School Felix look interesting and good fun.  I have got Kayaking and proper swimming lessons down on my to do list … just as soon as I finish this book. 😉

Tenerife Property

Tenerife Property

Tenerife Property

Abama Hotel and Luxury Residences – Own your own slice of paradise

Abama is near the south-western coastal resort of Playa San Juan, in the municipality of Guia de Isora. This small corner of paradise is not only sheltered from the prevailing winds of the Atlantic Ocean, but it is also graced with year-round sunshine and very little...

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Tenerife Flat Share – Bargain Flat Share in Playa San Juan

Tenerife Flat Share – Bargain Flat Share in Playa San Juan

Newcomers are often at a loss of where to find cheap, long-term accommodation in Tenerife.  Even the B & B’s charge an exorbitant amount for a single room if you look at the charges over a month. Flat sharing is always a good idea when you are looking to save on rent but the question is, where do you hear about flat share offers?

Generally, the Cultural Centre notice boards are  the place to look although you don’t have to bother today because this one in Playa San Juan would be hard to beat:

Double bedroom with own bathroom in Playa San Juan for only €200 per month.

  • 2 minutes walk to the beach
  • big roof terrace where you can see the sea
  • Frequent buses to all areas eg: 25 minutes to Playa de las Americas, 10 minutes to Los Gigantes.
  • Playa San Juan itself is a good location. Plenty of restaurants and bars, internet cafes and two beaches…
This is a great deal for the money and will especially suit those that are working nights or in the entertainment business as the other tenants are night owls.The cost includes electricity and gas bills so no extra to pay. You will be asked for a deposit and if you want to fit in with the other tenants you’ll whip out the hoover now and then and clean up your own dishes. 😉


The Great Tenerife Ice Rink Stink

Okay, so it was the little guy’s birthday yesterday. Instead of throwing Sami a birthday party we decided to take him ice-skating at the temporary rink in Santa Cruz. Him and his sister were thrilled at the idea so after opening pressies and having some breakfast birthday cake, we set off on the bus to Santa Cruz.

(Just as an aside, I want to remind visitors to Tenerife that there are discount tickets available for the TITSA bus service called Bono Cards. If you are going to be getting around by guagua, pick one up (€12 or €30) from the main bus stations or tour office near your hotel. With the Bono card discount we were charged €4.70 per person for a single journey (a child is charged as an adult after the age of 4) so there and back we were be looking at almost €40 already.

On arriving at Santa Cruz we walked from the bus station to the Plaza de España where a shabby white tent and a couple of beat- up looking offices told us we had found the ice rink. The price for a shot on the rink is very good indeed; €5 per adult per hour and €4 per child per hour. I would be happy to pay that for half the time (especially as I am the accompanying adult and I suspect the thrill of freezing my tail off going round in circles in the Pista de Hielo will begin to pale after about, oh, ten minutes or so).

So we queued along with the other families. The birthday boy was hopping from foot to foot in excitement saying, “I can’t believe I’m going ice-skating. On ice!” Then the other families began to step out of the queue looking a bit disgruntled. I figured there was no space at that moment but decided I’d go ahead and book us in for later in the day. Unfortunately, when I reached the caja the girl inside shrugged and said the rink was fully booked for the whole day.

What? It was only about 11.20 am by that time. “But we’ve come all the way up from the South on the bus…” I wanted to say, “It’s his birthday!” As if that was going to make any difference. In the end I booked us in for Sunday and we just took the kids for a Happy Meal and a wander round Santa Cruz.

So there you go. If you fancy hopping on the bus to go ice-skating in Santa Cruz – don’t bother! Not unless you’ve got tickets booked for days in advance. For what it is worth ticket sales for the Pista De Hielo de Tenerife are by LetsGoTickets.es. They do have a website and it looks like you should be able to book online.

I’ve no doubt we’ll have a great time on Sunday and the kids start school again the next day so it is a nice way to finish off their holidays. The price per hour is very cheap indeed and ice-skating is such a novelty here that I can see why it would be so popular. It’s just such a shame that there was no public information about booking in advance or the ticketing website. That would have saved us a wasted journey and a my wee boy from a birthday disappointment.