The Fuglies Through Fresh Eyes

Living in Tenerife | 1 comment

Fugly fountain, Costa Del Silencio, Tenerif

In an article titled , “Unas esculturas de bañistas en Tenerife disfrutan permanentemente del buen clima” in Mundiario,  writer Francisco Puñal Suárez is tickled with the humorous nature of the water feature in Costa Del Silencio.

He is delighted with the sculpture of the bathers permanently enjoying the good climate of Tenerife. His take on the Fugly Fountain makes me a philistine but I cannot get past the dim witted appearance of the bovine creatures he finds so amusing.

When the clique of dumpy, rotating bathers in their murky pond first appeared, I wrote a blog post entitled Tenerife’s Fountain of Fuglies which made my personal feelings on the ‘work of art’ abundantly clear. Now that enough time has passed, familiarity has  softened contempt. I no longer have the urge to smash the ugly thing to pieces every time I pass it.

That is not to say I like it. I don’t, and I never will, partly because I can’t help but see it as a snide comment on gormless tourists or expats. Francisco Puñal Suárez, free from my hangups (or should that be paranoia?) sees something else entirely.  And that is as it should be.