Tenerife Through the Eye of The Urban Explorer

tenerife-mineThey say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that is shown to be the case on the 28 Days Later Urban Exploration Forum. Members of that forum explore old buildings and constructions but not necessarily old churches or buildings of significant historical value. They find beauty and interest in the old, abandoned and neglected but everyday structures of times gone by.

Those from the UK UE forum who have visited Tenerife have taken a very different series of holiday snaps than your average tourist. Looking at the pictures of the old dam at El Rio which I must have passed in the car a hundred times, makes me rather sad not to have noticed the odd beauty in this old structure and promise myself to be more observant in future.

Other Tenerife structures that have been documented by the forum are an old miner’s cave from which I borrowed the picture above, and an ‘abandoned army camp’ at Poris de Abona from which the header image comes. Before sheltering soldiers,  this series of buildings in Abades, were actually constructed in the 1940’s to house lepers in isolation from the rest of the population. Before the first afflicted leper set foot on the property, however, a cure for leprosy was found so the project was abandoned until the army made use of it in the1960’s.

All credit to the Urban Explorers who dive into places that most of us barely notice and that find interest and a sad beauty in old buildings that would otherwise lie abandoned and forgotten. Nice job.