Tenerife Scuba Diving

Tenerife scuba diving attracts underwater adventurers from all over the world because it boasts an abundance of dive sites catering to various skill levels.

Whether you’re an experienced PADI-licensed diver or just starting out on your underwater adventures, Tenerife’s diverse underwater landscapes and marine life provide a perfect backdrop. Here’s a more detailed look at some top dive sites:

El Condesito shipwreck, Las Galletas

El Condesito:

This wreck dive site near Las Galletas allows divers to explore a cargo ship that sank in 1972. It’s a unique opportunity for history buffs and wreck dive enthusiasts.

Scuba diving in Tenerife - shoal of bastard grunt

Las Eras:

Known for its 18-meter drop and an impressive cave, Las Eras challenges divers with its rocky landscapes, appealing to those who seek an adventurous dive.

El Porís:

Featuring soft corals and volcanic rock formations, El Porís is a shallow and serene spot ideal for beginners or divers looking for a peaceful underwater experience.

El Puertito:

Situated on the Southwest coast, El Puertito’s shallow waters and minimal currents make it a safe and enjoyable site for novice divers.

Tabaiba Wreck:

This site offers an adventure into the depths to explore sunken structures, perfect for divers intrigued by underwater archaeology.

Octopus Tenerife


Located just south of Santa Cruz, this beginner-friendly site is a great place to start exploring the diverse marine life of Tenerife.

Palm Mar Wall:

Accessible by boat, Palm Mar Wall is known for its impressive wall dives, offering a different perspective on the island’s underwater topography.

suba diving Tenerife - sting ray

Los Chuchos:

This site is famous for its variety of stingrays and eagle rays. Along with caves, reefs, and wrecks, it offers a diverse diving experience.

Yellow Mountain (Montaña Amarilla):

This reef dive just off the coast of Costa Del Silencio in Arona introduces divers to the abundant marine ecosystems of Tenerife, perfect for observing the intricate interactions of aquatic life.


Suitable for all levels, with depths ranging from 2-25 meters and gentle currents, Abades is welcoming for divers keen to explore the underwater world.

Tenerife is not only a prime location for recreational diving but also an excellent destination for those looking to complete or advance their PADI certification.

The island’s varied dive sites, ranging from serene shallow waters to challenging deep dives, provide an ideal training ground for divers at all levels.

With several dive centers across Tenerife, you can find courses from beginner to advanced levels, including specialties like deep diver, wreck diver, and underwater photographer.

The PADI-certified dive centers in Tenerife offer professional instruction and the opportunity to learn in some of the most beautiful underwater environments in the world. Completing your PADI certification here means you’ll be training in clear, warm waters, surrounded by vibrant marine life, making your learning experience not just educational but truly unforgettable.

To explore more about PADI certification in Tenerife and to find a suitable dive center, you can visit the following resources:

These links provide comprehensive information on the available courses, locations, and specifics about diving in Tenerife.

Whether you’re starting your diving journey or looking to enhance your skills, Tenerife offers an exceptional setting to achieve your diving goals.

Remember, conditions at dive sites can vary, and it’s essential to dive within your certification level and comfort zone, always prioritizing safety.